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One herb tincture made with alcohol.  

1 oz single herb

    • Mullein - Great for congestion.
    • Oregano - Nature's antibiotic.  
    • Moringa - May help with liver function, joint issues, brain health and much more.
    • Dandelion - Diurectic, liver function, BP and more.
    • Marshmellow root - Digestive, lung and UTI.
    • Rosemary - Concentration, memory, colitis, inflammation, circulatory and more.
    • Red Raspberry - BP, hearth healthy, etc.  
    • Lemon Balm - Helps with anxiety, PMS, maybe helps with Alzheimer's/dementia, helps with digestion, helps with thyroid (if you take thyroid medicine rethink this or try it).

    I have a lot of single tinctures.  Maybe research for yourself or shoot me an email.  



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