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"All that I need is within me!"  I am a believer in seeking out knowledge and wisdom to create a more meaningful life for myself.  I have always been a person who would much rather take a natural substance than a pill.  I am not perfect, I make mistakes, but I will grow from it and enhance my life in a more abundant way.  Listen to your body, do your own research and don't take life to seriously.  I love to write, laugh, good food, some people (LOL) and music.  I love to read, act a fool and nature (minus bugs).  I love to inspire, make people laugh and peace.  I love peace.  Last but not least . . . hold yourself accountable for your life.  DO NOT give power to anyone.  You create your world, your journey and you create your health.  Own it and lean the fuck in!  You won't regret it.  

What I am working on . . . 

All that I do is not FDA approved.  They wouldn't approve it because nature works!  Negativity is not welcomed here so, if you got your panties in a wad, go elsewhere and don't try anything I provide.  

Lavender Fields

Plant Matter

I strive to get all my herb/plant matter organically derived and preferably non-GMO.  If I don't, I will tell you.  I am learning to forage as well on my own property and well maybe on other's who don't use pesticides.  I just gotta get past bugs.  I know they are necessary but ugh . . . just don't get on me.  

Clover Leaves

What I know . . . 

I did not go to school to learn any of this shit that I promote.  I do know how to read, do research and I am capable of learning.  I am teachable.  So, if you need a PhD or an MD, I am not your person.  I am open-minded and not above being wrong.  Teach me, educate me.  No asshats allowed.  Anyone can do this.  Also, I cuss so if this offends you, I might not be the one.  

Outdoor Spa

What I offer . . . 

I make tinctures.  I make single herb/plant tinctures and combined tinctures.  I make oils (not essential oils).  I make a shower/bath wash that is vinegar based and plant water based.  I can make salves (haven't yet to sell but have made private selection ones for myself).  I can make tea mixtures.  My favorite tincture is mushroom tinctures, well really all of them.  This planet is amazing.

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1109 Ebenezer Church Road  Memphis, Indiana 47143


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